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June 13, 2024

16 essential management software for restaurants you didn’t know you needed

Jun 3, 2024 — WISK is one of the most advanced bar inventory apps and restaurant management software available on the market today.
16 essential management software for restaurants you didn’t know you needed
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Restaurant management tools are the game changer your establishment needs. Restaurant software continues to get smarter, and is easier to use now more than ever. Apps can also give you an advantage through time savings, faster processes, business analytics, and more.

Tanto si te consideras un analfabeto de la tecnología como si eres un usuario experto en software, siempre merece la pena buscar nuevas herramientas. Dicho esto, ya hemos hecho el trabajo por ti y hemos recopilado una lista de 15 programas informáticos imprescindibles para tu restaurante o bar.

Para empezar, ¿qué es un software de gestión de restaurantes?

If you’ve ever tried to search the term on Google then you know there are a billion definitions out there! From POS systems to liquor inventory apps, the term is very general. For the purpose of this post, however, we are defining it as any technology that helps bars and restaurants manage their day-to-day operations, such as:

More examples include a point of sale system (POS), human resources, accounting, and liquor management software. No matter the type, the goal of any restaurant software is to make operations run as smoothly as possible. The benefits of using technology to manage your restaurant operations include better efficiency, shorter customer wait times, and ultimately, higher profits.

¿Cómo controlan los restaurantes las existencias de forma eficaz?

Before we dive into the best software to invest in, it’s important to understand how to use any or all of them to the best of their abilities. So, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your future devices.


If you have multiple devices like a POS system, an inventory management app, and payroll software, be sure to integrate them whenever possible. When your tools can communicate with each other automatically, it makes your job much easier and cuts down on the possibility of any mistakes or missing information.

Prepare a su personal (y a usted mismo)

Even the best restaurant management app on the planet won’t be effective if your staff isn’t properly trained on how to use them. Ensure your employees know their role in counting stock and other operations. All in all, it’s absolutely crucial to keep open lines of communication so everyone is always up-to-date.


Having a strategically organized bar or restaurant is key to maximizing time and efficiency. In order to stay as organized as possible, be sure to store liquor in the same place to make inventory easier. Also, clearly define expectations when it comes to pars, pour costs, etc. Lastly, when actually taking inventory, have two people review the numbers for accuracy.

Identificar los residuos

As a bar or restaurant manager, you already spend a lot of time taking inventory and placing new purchase orders. Don’t let that effort literally go to waste. Instead, use the information from your restaurant inventory app to identify if you’re losing money as a result of dead stock, over pouring, free drinks, or employee theft. Once you know the source of waste, take concrete steps to reduce or eliminate it completely.

No se olvide de sus datos

Beyond identifying waste, use inventory data to identify ways to improve your business. Some actions you can take are:

16 mejores herramientas de gestión de restaurantes

Sin más preámbulos, estas son las mejores herramientas de gestión de restaurantes disponibles en el mercado actualmente. Están listadas sin ningún orden en particular y cubren una amplia gama de necesidades y tamaños negocio .


It wouldn’t be a list of essential restaurant management tools without including our software. WISK is one of the most advanced bar inventory apps and a management software for restaurants available on the market today. The interface is smooth and intuitive and its features are incredibly useful and practical. We also offer the best customer support in the industry, solo or group onboardings, and live trainings.

When it comes to conducting inventory at your bar or restaurant, WISK has every tool you might need. Our team is made up of former restaurant owners, so we truly understand your needs. We built our app with convenience in mind so you can work in offline mode, use the built-in barcode scanner, integrate with your preferred POS system, and place orders from an extensive database of 50,000 bottles.

¿El resultado? Nuestros usuarios informan de una reducción del 80% en el tiempo de inventario.

Best of all, you know exactly what you’re getting with our software. To clarify, we have no long-term contracts and provide a demo up front, before you make a commitment. So, check it out for yourself and sign up today by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, you can visit https://www.wisk.ai/for/wisk-bar-management-software for more information.

2. OpenTable

OpenTable is an online reservation and waitlist system. Since its a popular platform, it can help with visibility and is easy to use for both bar managers and customers alike. The software offers an app and web version and sports high reviews from users.

3. Fivestars

Fivestars is a mobile rewards program for local businesses. Customers can sign up at your location or on the Fivestars app. Once enrolled, they can earn rewards and receive promotional offers via text, email, or push notifications. The built-in marketing features and easy set-up make it a solid choice for a loyalty program.

4. Quickbooks

Quickbooks has been an accounting go-to for small businesses for years, and restaurants are no exception. Recent updates have made the software even more mobile-friendly, making business accounting simple and affordable. This straight-forward software is perfect for independently owned restaurants. As an added bonus, it integrates well with a wide range of restaurant POS systems and other restaurant management app.

5. Base de Zomato

Zomato Base is a cloud-based POS app. It offers integrations with any existing business system as well as several hardware connections. It allows bar and restaurant managers to create client profiles for better customer experiences.

6. Trébol

Another POS option, Clover, is best for small to medium-sized restaurants. Its user-friendly dashboard can be accessed from a computer or smartphone. It really shines in HR management, with customized access to manage everything from tips to schedules. Clover also proves useful when it comes to menu planning as it gives users the ability to easily edit product information and monitor performance of menu items.

7. Cuarto

With a broad focus on the hospitality industry, Fourth isn’t made for restaurants alone. Though not as focused on one industry, Fourth offers a wide variety of services, from workforce management to procurement, delivery orders, and more. Its HR functions like, managing employee details, calculating payrolls, and employee engagement set it apart from other systems.

8. Waitrainer

We’ve talked about the importance of training your staff and Waitrainer can help you train them more effectively. With options for a fast, casual, table service, or an informal bar setting, you can customize your plan.

9. FoodLogiQ

While not for everyone, FoodLogiQ certainly offers a unique and important service. Generally, it helps restaurants trace ingredients from farm to table. If organic food or sustainability are a cornerstone of your business, this application can give you valuable information and credibility.

10. Placa IQ

PlateIQ is your ultimate companion for gastronomic adventures. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a culinary novice, PlateIQ is here to elevate your dining experience. Plan your culinary journeys effortlessly with our intuitive reservation system. Say goodbye to long waits and missed opportunities; with PlateIQ, securing a table at your dream restaurant is just a few clicks away.

But PlateIQ is more than just a reservation tool. It's your personal food concierge. Explore expert reviews, mouthwatering menus, and tantalizing food photos, all designed to help you make the perfect choice for your next meal.

11. Alerta de spoiler

If waste is a particular concern, Spoiler Alert is the tool for you. According to their website, their software recovers value from “slow-moving, distressed and obsolete inventory.” It also enables you to get deals from suppliers and give back if you have too much product.

12. Gusto

Looking for a better payroll solution for your small business? Gusto might be the answer. It offers affordable plans, especially for small teams. It gets high marks on customer service and ease-of-use as well.

13. ChowNow

If you’re in the food service industry, you know food delivery is a trend that isn’t disappearing anytime soon. While there are many different options when it comes to food delivery, ChowNow gives you the most options for controlling the customer experience.

ChowNow le permite llegar a nuevos clientes y evitar las altas comisiones. También cuenta con funciones de personalización, como añadir su propia marca y realizar pedidos en su propio sitio web.

14. Apple Pay

El pago en la mesa es otra tendencia de los servicios de comida que probablemente no desaparecerá pronto. Hay docenas de opciones a la hora de implementarlo, pero Apple Pay es realmente el estándar de oro. Ya se acepta en más de un millón de establecimientos de todo el mundo, por lo que no hay que confundir a los clientes. Es fácil de usar en línea y tiene una seguridad probada para la información del cliente. El mayor inconveniente, por supuesto, es la falta de soporte para los dispositivos Android.

15. Cuadrado

Si la idea de un software extenso y complicado le asusta, entonces Square es la solución de TPV para usted. Es un programa sencillo y funcional que requiere poca formación.

Su oferta sencilla tiene la ventaja de ser asequible, lo que la convierte en una buena opción para los restaurantes pequeños y medianos.

Sin embargo, la mayor ventaja de Square es también su mayor inconveniente. Hay muchos otros programas con más funciones y capacidades. Así que, si buscas un sistema completo, esta no es la opción para ti.

16. Tostada

Toast es una plataforma tecnológica para restaurantes todo en uno, hecha por gente de restaurantes, para gente de restaurantes. Clasificado como el sistema de punto de venta para restaurantes líder de G2 en 2022, Toast le permite gestionar los pedidos, las ventas y los pagos en un solo lugar con un potente software basado en la nube, un procesamiento de pagos transparente y un hardware de calidad para restaurantes. El conjunto de productos de Toast también incluye dispositivos de TPV portátiles, pedidos sin contacto, pedidos y entregas en línea, programas de marketing y fidelización, gestión de nóminas y equipos, y mucho más. La misión de Toast, una plataforma que da prioridad a los restaurantes y que ha sido creada para gestionar todo el restaurante, es permitir a la comunidad de restaurantes deleitar a los clientes, hacer lo que les gusta y prosperar.

The right restaurant management software can make a significant impact on your business. As you implement these solutions, you'll see your ROI grow through improved cost control and better customer experiences.


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