Maximize Profit with WISK: Simplify Cost & Recipe Management for Bars and Restaurants

Effortlessly track inventory changes and auto-generate cost alerts, while streamlining recipe management and receiving personalized support.


Optimize Margins: Cost Alerts

Stay ahead with automatic notifications from WISK when ingredient prices change. Effortlessly track inventory, streamline recipe management, and maintain each drink's profitability with personalized support.

Optimize Recipes for Profit

Develop new cocktail recipes with WISK, keeping costs and labor in mind for maximum profitability. Effortlessly track inventory changes, auto-generate cost alerts, and streamline recipe management with personalized support.

Sub-Recipe Precision Costing

Incorporate sub-recipes in your cocktails to effortlessly monitor inventory and auto-generate cost alerts. Streamline recipe management and boost profit margins with personalized support ensuring precise cost control.

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WISK transforms your inventory process with a database of 200K bottles, enabling you to scan, swipe, or use a list to take inventory up to 5x faster. Integrated with 50+ POS systems and Bluetooth scale, WISK simplifies inventory management while eliminating the need for time-consuming setup. Save time and gain accuracy while having full control over your bar's inventory.

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WISK simplifies purchasing and receiving for your bar, allowing you to create purchase orders in just three clicks based on sales or pars. Send orders via SMS, email, or spreadsheet while keeping track of received items. Reduce waste and improve cash flow with WISK's 60+ POS and supplier integrations, ensuring your orders are based on real sales data and not just guesswork.

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WISK provides an advanced solution for recipe and cost management, allowing you to create profitable recipes, track costs, and maintain accurate cost control. With cost alerts, sub-recipes, and an easy-to-use recipe book, elevate your bar's profitability and streamline operations while ensuring consistent and quality drinks for your customers.

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WISK simplifies invoice management by allowing you to scan invoices directly from your phone, instantly updating your costs with just one picture. Our AI-powered data recognition and white-glove data processing team take care of inputting the information, so you can manage all your invoices in one hub while reducing mistakes. Spend less time on paperwork and more on serving your customers, knowing your costs stay up-to-date and historical prices remain accessible.

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How WISK Integrates with:

WISK is a Inventory Management Software for SmartTab POS

WISK is a top-notch restaurant inventory management software that seamlessly integrates with SmartTab POS to provide real-time stock tracking. With access to a 200K bottle database and 1.4M food ingredient database, WISK offers a comprehensive inventory management solution for your restaurant. You can easily take inventory by scanning, swiping, or using a list, and the software integrates with Bluetooth scales for accurate measurement. WISK requires no setup, making it an ideal inventory software for restaurant businesses. With WISK, you can streamline your restaurant inventory control and keep track of your kitchen inventory with ease. Explore WISK's restaurant inventory management solutions now!

How WISK Integrates with:

WISK is a Invoice Management Software for SmartTab POS

WISK integrates seamlessly with SmartTab POS to provide advanced restaurant invoice management software, billing software, and invoicing software for restaurant businesses. With WISK, you can monitor your restaurant's profitability in real-time, not just once a year. The software allows you to select POS items, ingredients and ideal food costs, and recommends an ideal sales price while sending cost alerts when your ingredient costs increase. WISK's invoice management features allow you to scan and update all your costs with one picture, view historical prices, and manage all your invoices in one hub. With AI data recognition and data entry, as well as a white-glove data processing team, WISK is the perfect restaurant invoice tracking system and restaurant accounting software for any business looking to stay on top of their finances.

How WISK Integrates with:

WISK is a Purchasing and Ordering Management Software that integrates with SmartTab POS

WISK integrates with SmartTab POS to provide efficient purchase order, inventory, and order management solutions for restaurants. With WISK, you can easily track purchase orders and receive items, create customized purchase orders based on par levels or sales trends, and send orders via SMS, email, or spreadsheets. Our restaurant procurement management software also helps optimize your supply chain by providing real-time inventory tracking and food and beverage order management. Choose WISK for a comprehensive purchase order management system for restaurants that streamlines your entire ordering process. Optimize your restaurant inventory and order management with our restaurant supply chain software today!

How WISK Integrates with:

WISK is a Recipe & Cost Management Software that integrates with SmartTab POS

WISK integrates seamlessly with SmartTab POS to provide efficient restaurant cost management software. With WISK, you can monitor your food costs and calculate the profitability of your restaurant instantly, not once a year. By selecting the POS item and ingredients, WISK recommends an ideal sales price, and sends cost alerts when ingredient costs increase. WISK enables you to create recipes with costs and labour in mind, sub-recipes for accurate cost control, and track food costs and price ratios. You can optimize your menu pricing and recipe management with WISK's recipe costing software for restaurants and restaurant recipe management software. WISK is your ultimate restaurant expense management software for food service cost control, menu cost management system, and restaurant cost calculation software. Get started with WISK, the recipe management system for restaurants and menu pricing software that creates a recipe book from your recipes.


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