Scan invoices to automatically update all your recipes and ingredient costs. It's as easy as taking a picture.

Scan invoices when you receive your orders and WISK updates all your costs in minutes. Only WISK will alert you if there's a problem with the price of the recipe, so you can always stay profitable.

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We integrate with 40+ POS systems
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Understand your food and pour costs better

Without needing a PH.D or a degree in mathematics to understand what's actually on the report.

It's as easy as taking a picture with your phone.

Updating your all costs should not require opening 139 files, calling your accountant, and asking employees that don’t want to submit proper reports.

WISK updates automatically all your costs with the snap of a picture. All you have to do is select your distributor.

Get all your costs updated instantly. Not mid-month after all your venues submit reports days later.

Make decisions based on facts, not opinions.

It is important to know what sells and makes you money. You should not find out just one time a year.

WISK connects with your POS and gives better insights and match your sales to your recipes. WISK updates your prices and shows what is actually profitable, and what loses you money.

Now you can run a profitable bar without having to hire an expensive consultant to help with your costs.

Get better reports by connecting your POS

Your reports are only as good as the data they get. POS can't show you everything because it doesn't know about inventory or ordering.

By mapping your recipes, taking inventory, scanning invoices and ordering, you are giving WISK all the information it needs to give you accurate reports on your business.

WISK does all the work a computer should do for you, so you understand better how your bar performs. Without asking your employees to submit reports.

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WISK is the pulse of our business. It’s how we start our week—I have my reports ready and this way I know where consumption is going and where to start digging deeper.
It took us about six or seven hours to do inventory before, and we’ve now got it down to an hour and 20 minutes.
WISK is fantastic. My inventory time went from 3 hours down to forty minutes. Great customer service too. I would highly recommend to any bar or restaurant.