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10 hábitos exitosos de control de existencias en el bar que debería adoptar

Mejore la rentabilidad de su bar con unos buenos hábitos de control de existencias. Adopte estos consejos prácticos para mantener su inventario bajo control y maximizar ganancias.
10 hábitos exitosos de control de existencias en el bar que debería adoptar
Angelo Esposito
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Raise your hand if bar stock control is the best part of being a bar manager. No one? We thought so. Keeping track of stock is a long and often frustrating process.

Ahora, levante la mano si alguno de estos le suena:

  • Largas horas en la trastienda
  • Misteriosas discrepancias
  • Noches de trabajo encorvadas sobre una hoja de cálculo
  • Pedir demasiada pizza para llevar de todas las largas noches
  • Sigue sin tener una imagen clara de su inventario.

Nos imaginamos que esta vez se levantan más manos. Si se siente identificado con alguno de los inconvenientes anteriores, sepa que no tiene por qué ser así. En este blog, hemos elaborado una lista de 10 sencillos hábitos para que tu proceso de inventario sea más exitoso. Después de leerla, podrá decir adiós a pasar largas noches en la trastienda para siempre.

¿Qué es el control de inventario de barras?

This term, also known as "bar stock control", is the complete list of liquor and other stocked products you serve your customers. It includes spirits, beer, and wine, along with non-alcoholic beverages like juice and soda. In other words, it relates to any liquid you offer on your menu or in your mixed drinks.

Keep in mind that inventory is a bar’s biggest asset. With too little inventory, bars miss out on sales by not having enough product on hand to make drinks. This leaves customers unhappy and unlikely to return. However, too much inventory is also costly for a bar. It can crowd the back room and other storage areas. It also increases the risk of wasting perfectly good product before it can be used.

Independientemente de cómo se gestione el inventario de bebidas, es importante hacerlo de la manera correcta para las necesidades únicas de su bar.

Cómo utilizar el control de existencias para que su bar sea más rentable

To start, there are a number of benefits that result from conducting successful inventory. Each of these benefits not only optimize all operations, but also help to increase your profits. By building good habits and implementing the right bar inventory system, you can expect:

Menos residuos en su bar

Finally, you’ll never have to throw out a bottle again because it went bad while sitting unused in your back room. Bar stock control ensures you know exactly how much you have on hand. At the same time, good habits ensure you use everything effectively.

Lo explicaremos más adelante.

Menos escasez de bebidas

La otra cara de la moneda de desperdiciar demasiado producto es quedarse sin él. Sin duda, a nadie le gusta que le rechacen su bebida favorita. Así que deje de encontrarse con este problema teniendo siempre lo que necesita en stock para satisfacer a sus clientes.

Órdenes de compra mejor optimizadas

You’ll be able to stop paying extra to rush order more beer before football games on Sundays. Also, you’ll know exactly how much you need to order and when to order it. Overall, with bar inventory software, you can often automate this whole process for even more savings.

Más tiempo en sus manos

With all of the time saved from ineffective inventory processes, you can direct your attention to other areas of the business, such as staffing, making menu updates, and networking with others in the industry.

10 hábitos para controlar mejor las existencias en el bar

Now, you know what bar inventory is and the benefits of it. Next, it’s time to learn what behavioral changes you can make for an even more successful process. By adopting the following 10 habits, you’ll see more profits, a smoother inventory system, happier employees, and all around better results for your bar or restaurant.

1) Siga la regla del "primero en entrar, primero en salir".

The First-In, First-Out rule is simple. All you have to do is use the oldest products in your bar first, before they go bad. In addition, don’t use brand new stock before you’ve run out of existing stock. All in all, this practice helps cut down on dead stock and waste. It makes organizing your back room easier as well.

2) Contar el inventario de forma coherente

Esta es una de las grandes. Por supuesto, el control de inventario funciona mejor cuando se realiza con regularidad. No sólo hay que hacer el inventario con regularidad, sino también el mismo día de la semana y a la misma hora.

For example, if you count inventory on Tuesday at 11, then always count on Tuesdays at 11. It is also a good idea to have the same one or two employees conducting inventory each time. This helps to decrease mistakes and gaps in counting that can lead to big losses down the road.

3) Controle las fluctuaciones de sus existencias

Consider all of the things you could do with insights into your sales data. Is beer more popular on weekdays while cocktails are more popular on Saturdays? Are there any specific menu items that are more in demand in the summer? On a whole, knowing these trends can help you prepare for busy times. As a result, you’ll never run low on what you need.

Además, llevar un registro de las fluctuaciones también puede ayudarle a detectar los casos de despilfarro o robo. Nunca sabrás si te falta más producto del habitual si no sabes siquiera qué es lo habitual.

4) Pero hay que ser realista con los residuos

That being said, it is also a good habit to be realistic about waste and not focus too much on it. Some waste at a bar is inevitable. Between free drinks, spillage, theft, and over-pouring, you will lose some product. Getting stuck on this type of waste will take up a lot of your own time and lead to frustrated employees. Instead, be realistic and make changes where you can.

5) Ser detallista

Cuando se trata de controlar las existencias de un bar, el diablo está sin duda en los detalles. Tanto si eres detallista por naturaleza como si no, es un hábito importante que debes cultivar.

Double check your numbers and always get two sets of eyes on inventory counts to ensure accuracy. The best thing to do is to consider using a liquor scale app to get the most accurate measurements and record exact amounts. After, keep detailed records of all orders, invoices, and purchases. Doing this will ensure you have everything you need for successful inventory. It will keep the process moving smoothly as well.

6) Compruebe dos veces su trabajo

En cuanto a la orientación al detalle, también debes orientarte a la precisión. Acostúmbrese a comprobar su trabajo dos veces, como aprendió en la escuela. Así se reduce el riesgo de errores humanos y de otros errores evitables.

7) Marcar los próximos días festivos

It’s important to not only be aware of big holidays like Halloween or Christmas, but also small holidays. Think about hashtag holidays like #NationalTacoDay or #NationalRumDay and how they might impact your business so you can plan accordingly.

The smartest bar owners know that while they might not personally “celebrate” holidays like these, their customers might. Consequently, it’s essential to plan for them. Whether it’s themed cocktails or themed trivia nights, these holidays can do wonders for your bottom line. In other words, you can create promotions and specials around them to drive more business.

8) Optimice el tipo de alcohol que pide

A great habit for bar owners is to get used to regularly reviewing the type of alcohol you order for example a bottle of gin, to make sure it still makes sense. There may be better, newer options out there, but you won’t know unless you check. Along the same lines, review menu items as well to remove any unpopular items or add more of the types of drinks your customers are loving. Industry trends and customer tastes change constantly, so this is an important habit to develop.

9) Organízate

Ninguno de estos hábitos sirve de nada si no tienes el hábito de ser organizado. Esto es importante para todos los aspectos de tu negocio. Asegúrate de que los empleados mantienen la trastienda y el bar ordenados y que todo tiene un lugar. Además, asegúrate de crear archivos para almacenar la información en tu ordenador portátil para facilitar el acceso. Además, guarde duplicados de toda su documentación importante en un lugar seguro.

Last but not least, ensure your staff is organized too and following all the rules and procedures you put in place to run a tight ship. Without organization, nothing else will go as smoothly as possible.

10) Conozca a sus clientes

Above all, the most important habit a bar manager can adopt is knowing their customers. Know what makes them happy and what makes them complain. Know what they want and what they think you are missing. This will help inform not only what type of product you stock, but also which inventory system and software will best fit your needs.

Failing to know your customers will lead to less business and inefficient processes overall. So, start making it a habit to get feedback to know what you need to improve on.

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While any habit takes time to implement, WISK makes it easy. In fact, WISK will make everything about inventory easier. With a simple interface and all the tools you need to run your business, you will gain more time and peace of mind. See your ROI thrive by adopting these successful bar stock control habits.

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