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Por qué una aplicación de inventario de alcohol es clave para el éxito

Gerentes de bares, sepan por qué las aplicaciones de inventario de bares son cruciales para simplificar el seguimiento del inventario de alcohol. Garantice niveles de existencias precisos para el éxito del bar.
Por qué una aplicación de inventario de alcohol es clave para el éxito
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Cambiar a una aplicación de inventario para bares puede parecer un pequeño cambio, pero en realidad puede ser fundamental para el éxito de tu bar. Con una competencia en constante cambio y noches ajetreadas, es importante contar con un sistema fiable que te ayude a ir por delante.

Being organized is key to success in any industry, but especially so in the hospitality business. A good liquor inventory app gives you an advantage over other bars by providing easy access to inventory records, intelligent insights about your business, and opportunities for optimization. Automating your inventory system can help you do that by getting rid of manual inventory processes like excel sheets and paper. Count inventory faster, make better decisions and reduce waste with a bar inventory app.

If you're looking to manage inventory quickly, correctly, and effectively, read on to find out how bar inventory software can help you—and why that's even important in the first place. We'll also explore some of the best practices for managing your bar more efficiently overall.

¿Qué es la gestión de inventarios de bares?

At its most basic, taking inventory is simply logging what supplies you have on hand, like liquor, beer, and wine. But it often involves time-consuming and complicated bar inventory formulas that go beyond counting bottles.

Beverage inventory management software is designed to make your life simpler by handling most of the work for you in inventory taking. More specifically, it calculates how much liquor stock you use daily, weekly, or monthly. On top of that, it also helps optimize drink prices and place new orders while identifying areas of wasted product.

Not to mention, many modern software systems have integrations as well, like a Bluetooth scale that can weigh different bottles precisely. Also, some of these same systems even include direct POS integration to make inventory tracking and sales data collection more straightforward. Not only do bar inventory apps make your bar run more smoothly, but they also offer tools to help you with your inventory counts, boost future sales and provide a top-notch experience for your customers.

Ventajas de utilizar una aplicación de inventario de bares

Como gerente de un bar, es plenamente consciente de que tiene que hacer malabarismos constantemente con múltiples responsabilidades. Y una de ellas es asegurarse de que el recuento de existencias es preciso, porque es fundamental para el éxito de su establecimiento. El software de gestión de bares no sólo le ayuda a hacer un seguimiento rápido de su inventario, sino que también le permite analizar negocio costos y le proporciona información vital sobre el estado de su bar, todo ello ahorrando tiempo.

Cuando se trata de utilizar un software de gestión, siempre hay muchas ventajas. Pero disponer de funciones específicas para una aplicación de inventario de bares ofrece aún más ventajas, entre ellas:

1) Conveniencia

En general, todo el mundo aprecia la comodidad, pero nadie más que el encargado de un bar que cuenta el inventario a las 4 de la mañana. En general, las aplicaciones de inventario para bares tienen la ventaja de automatizar los procesos y funcionar en varios dispositivos para ahorrar un tiempo valioso. Además, la mayoría de ellas pueden integrarse con otras herramientas para que el inventario sea casi completamente automático.

2) Crear mejores promociones de temporada

In order to attract more customers, be sure to use bar inventory software to create irresistible deals on rosé, weekend rooftop parties, and local beer specials. In this situation, predictive analytics and easy-to-read sales data will help you generate promotions that bring in more foot traffic.

3) Anticiparse a los días de mucho trabajo

Furthermore, you can be prepared for the next time your team wins the Stanley Cup or a popular band plays at the theater down the street with software. In this case, the bar inventory software helps you monitor inventory count, and stock usage and quickly analyze your total sales to make easy purchase orders and prepare for high-volume days.

4) Pasar menos tiempo en la trastienda

Lastly, whether your city or neighborhood is vibrant or not, there will always be tons of competition. With this in mind, your time is best spent getting to know your customers, building relationships with the other restaurants in your area, and capitalizing on changing trends. In reality, you can’t get through all of this unless you have enough time to spend in the front room to improve future sales.

¿Por qué es tan importante disponer de un software de gestión de inventarios?

A bar inventory app doesn't only forestall costly errors, but it also keeps your customers happy. By having a good sense of your beverage inventory at all times, you can quickly and easily see what is available on your bar shelves without having to search through everything.

As an example, a long-standing bar in your city has served patrons for decades, with a loyal customer base. Their no-nonsense classic cocktails and domestic beer buckets never fail to please thirsty customers all nights of the week. However, in recent months, the bar manager notices that while business appears busy as usual, sales are steadily declining.

With a basic inventory process, this manager will know how to calculate stock usage to ensure he or she isn’t experiencing employee theft or unnecessary waste. But with smart data-analytics-driven software, they’ll also be able to pinpoint exactly why sales are decreasing. With this data, they can figure out how to address the issue before it gets out of control.

7 consejos para gestionar con éxito el inventario de su bar

1) Mantener la coherencia

It's important to be consistent with your bar's inventory taking, so always do it weekly. Even though skipping an inventory session every once and a while may not seem like a big deal, it’s an easy way to make avoidable mistakes. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get into a tracking inventory routine that works for both you and your team.

2) Ser preciso

Undoubtedly, accuracy is crucial to managing a successful bar. From knowing exactly how much inventory you have to accurately track your bar costs, it all comes down to accuracy. Make sure you double-check your inventory sheets and numbers every time.

Additionally, an inventory app with POS system integration will allow you to take more accurate inventory, including labor costs and the hours your employees work. It is crucial to be precise so that you have a realistic understanding of what your bar’s largest asset is worth.

3) Evaluar los precios de las bebidas y los menús

Whether you’ve been in business for one year or one decade, customer preferences and the industry change constantly. At this point, take our bar from the example earlier. When properly calculating liquor inventory, they should make a habit of reviewing their menu and drink prices to ensure they’re holding up against consumer trends and local competitors. Overall, having a strong and functional bar inventory app can help you compete against other establishments when taking inventory to save costs.

4) Mantenga un inventario de reserva

While dead stock can be a drain on your resources, that isn’t to say that additional reserves of popular bottles are a bad idea. In fact, having a few extra kegs of your most popular draft beer can be a lifesaver when you experience a busier-than-expected Sunday and start to run out. Like everything, backup inventory is best in moderation. Nevertheless, it is certainly an effective technique in any smart bar manager’s back pocket.

5) Diferénciese

It’s important to realize, whether your bar has existed for hundreds of years or just a few days, being innovative is key. To stand out, create new drinks, allow your bartenders to experiment, and keep track of your customer’s preferences to find new opportunities to wow them. For instance, deals, promotions, and exceptionally good service can also go a long way in setting your bar apart from others.

6) Analizar periódicamente los datos y las tendencias

With highly sophisticated inventory software, you’ll always have valuable bar sales data right at your fingertips. Hence, you should use the data to make smarter decisions about orders, deals, and promotions that will ultimately increase your bottom line.

7) Forme a su personal

It is essential that all staff members know how to document beverage inventory and use bar inventory software correctly. This includes having a system in place for counting, recording, and monitoring liquor usage. Additionally, it is crucial to stress the importance of complying with procedures and keeping records up-to-date. Doing so will save time in the long run.

3 objetivos que debe tener su sistema de inventario de bebidas

Before we move forward, let’s revisit the struggling bar example above and identify what inventory goals they might have to improve their business. Below are widely applicable goals, whether your bar is struggling, thriving, or somewhere in between.

1) Identificar los residuos y el stock muerto

In the long run, waste, spillage, overpouring, theft, or too many free drinks, can make a huge impact on your bottom line. That said, the first goal of inventory is simply to provide a catalog of what stock you have on hand so you can easily compare it to bar sales and find where waste occurs.

Another drain on your resources is dead stock, and product that sits unused in your bar or back room. For this reason, using the inventory you already have on hand more effectively, is a quick and easy way to increase profit margins. The liquor inventory software will help guide you through what and what not to order more of. As a result, you can avoid the dead stock for good.

2) Bajar el alcohol costos

Lastly, maybe the bar in the example has always ordered the same type of bourbon for their Old Fashioned, as it’s their most popular drink. If that whiskey brand increases its prices, the bar might end up paying a premium without realizing it. As a solution, an online inventory management system helps bar managers choose the most cost-effective alcohol brands. Equally important, it also automates purchase orders to decrease the frequency of rush orders and other costly practices for optimizing sales.

3) Racionalización de las operaciones

Ask yourself, is your bar open too many nights per week? Or not enough? Are you ordering too much gin and not enough draft beer? Are your customers dying for you to start stocking a specific cult favorite? Is it time to train your employees on pouring best practices or reevaluate your drink prices? Above all, an app can tell you all of this and more. Once you identify areas of opportunity, you can fully cut down on the amount of time spent on conducting liquor inventory.

4) Datos actualizados y precisos

Bar inventory apps replace the tedious and time-consuming process of manual inventory with an automated inventory process that is also compatible with other software you might already be using. Examples include your bar’s POS system and accounting software. Not only does this automate the process, but it also provides you with real-time data that is constantly updated. This allows you to quickly see what inventory needs to be restocked without taking your employees away from their other tasks.

¿Cuáles son las características de una buena aplicación de inventario de bares?

Aunque la mayoría de las aplicaciones de inventario de bares tienen funciones básicas similares, las más sofisticadas incluyen capacidades adicionales. Estas son las características que todas las mejores apps de inventario de bares deberían tener:

Easy-to-use interface –The interface should be designed in a way that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate so that staff can quickly become familiar with its capabilities. The system should also have an easy-to-use dashboard to provide users with a comprehensive overview of inventory at all times, including how much product is available and what needs to be ordered.

Machine learning capabilities – The app should use data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify trends and make smarter decisions about inventory.

Pedidos de compra automatizados: la aplicación debe ser capaz de generar automáticamente pedidos de compra en función de los niveles de existencias para que nunca te quedes sin suministros.

POS Integration and other softwareThe app should connect with POS, accounting, and payment processing software for streamlined transactions. Automatic invoicing and payment processing apps should generate invoices and process payments with little effort.

Funciones de seguridad: la aplicación debe incluir funciones de seguridad como el cifrado y la autenticación de dos factores para garantizar la seguridad de tus datos.

Reporting capabilities – the app should be able to generate reports on inventory levels, sales performance, and customer trends so that you can make informed decisions about your business.

Acceso de múltiples usuarios - La aplicación debe ser accesible desde múltiples dispositivos para que puedan gestionar su inventario de forma remota. La aplicación debe permitir que varios empleados accedan y gestionen el inventario de forma segura desde smartphones, tabletas u ordenadores.

Báscula Bluetooth integrada: la aplicación debe poder conectarse con una báscula Bluetooth para que sus empleados puedan medir cada lote de bebidas de forma correcta y rápida.

Integración con bases de datos en línea: la aplicación debe poder integrarse con bases de datos en línea para que pueda conectarse fácilmente con los proveedores.

Notificaciones en tiempo real: la aplicación debe ser capaz de enviar notificaciones en tiempo real sobre los niveles bajos de existencias para que pueda reponerlas lo antes posible.

Programación de tareas: la aplicación de inventario de bebidas alcohólicas debe ser capaz de configurar tareas automatizadas para los empleados y proporcionar recordatorios cuando se deba realizar una tarea.

Integración de la cámara del smartphone: la aplicación de inventario debe poder integrarse con la cámara de un smartphone para que los empleados puedan escanear rápidamente los códigos de barras al introducir y almacenar el inventario.

Atención al cliente : la aplicación debe ofrecer atención al cliente para que puedas obtener ayuda si tienes alguna duda o te surge algún problema al utilizarla.

Cómo las aplicaciones de inventario de bares como WISK pueden ayudarle a controlar su inventario

All things considered, if you’re operating a bar and are looking for the best bar inventory app, you came to the right place. WISK is a multi-purpose software with tools to help you conduct inventory and make decisions to improve your bar’s profitability. With beverage analytics, BlueTooth scale integration, recipe costing, and easy ordering, WISK is the bar assistant you can rely on to improve your day-to-day operations.

As you implement an alcohol inventory app, you'll see your ROI rise, a testament to the smart choice you've made for your business.

To summarize, with WISK, you can finally set yourself apart from the competition while saving yourself time and frustration. Sound too good to be true? It’s really not. Visit https://www.wisk.ai/for/wisk-bar-management-software for more information. Or, sign up below.


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