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El peor consejo que jamás oirás sobre la gestión de inventarios de licores

Optimice el inventario de bebidas alcohólicas para obtener rentabilidad Aprenda consejos prácticos para aumentar su cuenta de resultados y mejorar el restaurante ganancias con una gestión eficaz del inventario.
El peor consejo que jamás oirás sobre la gestión de inventarios de licores
Angelo Esposito
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La gestión del inventario de licores no es una tarea fácil. Lo que hace que sea aún más difícil es la gran cantidad de información errónea y consejos poco útiles disponibles en la web. Si alguna vez has buscado información sobre cómo iniciar el inventario de un bar o mejorar su proceso, es probable que te hayas topado con alguna de esta mala información. Si esto te resulta familiar, sigue leyendo.

A continuación, empezaremos por desglosar la importancia de la gestión del inventario de bebidas alcohólicas. A continuación, hablaremos de algunos de los peores consejos que podrías escuchar y de lo que deberías hacer en su lugar.

¿Por qué debería invertir en la gestión de inventarios de bebidas alcohólicas?

Ejemplo de mal consejo #1: No vale la pena hacer la gestión del inventario del bar.

On the contrary, with the right tips and strategies, inventory is not only worth it, it’s essential to success. You might hear otherwise from fellow bar managers, or question the necessity yourself after spending hours counting bottles. However, before you write it off completely, check out these benefits you can expect from effective inventory:

No vuelvas a decir nunca más "estamos fuera".

No one likes having to tell customers “no” and they certainly don’t like hearing it. Keeping an accurate count of how much stock you have behind the bar helps you avoid ever running out. You’ll be aware of exactly when you need to place a new order and ultimately, avoid awkward situations with angry customers as a result.

Identificar el robo

Another situation no one likes to deal with is employee theft. Without conducting inventory, you won’t know how much product you lose every night to free drinks or outright theft. Once you know what you’re losing, you can take steps to address the issue with your employees. Then, you can back it up with reliable information.

Evaluar los vertidos y el stock muerto

While some loss of product is due to theft, much of it is due to benign causes like spillage and dead stock. With an effective inventory process, you can better ensure that your stock isn’t being unnecessarily wasted. If it is, you can implement better stocking practices and retrain your staff. Then, you can check the effectiveness through continued liquor inventory management.

Evite los errores en los pedidos

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que evaluó sus órdenes de compra? Si realiza constantemente pedidos urgentes o se queda sin existencias, es probable que tenga un problema con sus pedidos de compra. Obtenga un mejor rendimiento de su dinero determinando el mejor calendario para pedir nuevos productos y ciñéndose a él. Al fin y al cabo, no puede conseguirlo sin saber qué tiene ya a mano y qué necesita pedir.

Optimice sus menús y marcas de alcohol

Have you ordered Smirnoff for mixed vodka drinks for as long as you can remember? What if there is a better option out there? Bar inventory can help identify opportunities to save on costs like the brand of alcohol used in well drinks. What about your specific menu items?

Which one is the best-selling? Which one’s the worst? How can you add more of what your customers enjoy and remove what they’re not drinking? Sadly, without taking consistent inventory, you’ll never know.

Aumentar los beneficios

So, what do all the above benefits have in common? They’re all good for your bottom line. In other words, the biggest benefit of taking inventory is putting more money into your pocket. Knowing exactly what you have behind your bar and in your store room leads to:

Now that you know how valuable tracking inventory is for your bar, let’s move on to the advice.

Una lista completa de los peores consejos para controlar el inventario de los bares

Despite the large number of people who claim to be experts on liquor inventory management, there is a lot of bad information out there. However, never fear. We’re here to help you steer clear of the bad advice. These are the 10 worst pieces of advice we’ve heard and what you should do instead.

1) Sólo hay una manera de hacer el inventario.

Muchos recursos en línea tratarán de decirte que hay una manera perfecta de hacer el inventario. Sin embargo, esto no es cierto. En realidad, el mejor proceso de inventario variará de un bar a otro y usted debe determinar cuál es el mejor para sus necesidades. No obstante, existen algunas prácticas generales recomendadas:

2) Haz el inventario manualmente. Es más fácil.

Pen and paper might seem simpler at first glance but it’s certainly not easier. With countless bar inventory formulas and endless spreadsheets to file, the potential for human error is huge. Beyond that, pen and paper just doesn’t yield the same data or business insights as software. These insights more than make up for the time and monetary investment.

3) Una aplicación de inventario de bares es demasiado cara.

On the subject of investing in software, this is a common piece of advice that is just plain wrong. Apps pay for themselves in the form of detailed insights into how to make your business better. For instance, placing more efficient purchase orders and optimizing your menu is much harder to achieve with pen and paper. Additionally, they provide huge time savings by cutting the amount of time you spend in your store room counting bottles.

Y, si lo piensas, eso no tiene precio.

4) Sólo una persona debería hacer el inventario.

Al igual que no hay una manera perfecta de hacer el inventario, tampoco hay una persona perfecta para el inventario. Muchos tipos de software de inventario permiten múltiples usuarios y es mejor no dejar que esta característica se desperdicie. En su lugar, asegúrese de que todo el mundo conoce sus funciones y responsabilidades en lo que respecta al inventario para que nada se pierda.

5) No importa cómo organices tu bar.

It does matter if you want to make your life easier. Be sure to store similar products near each other and stock them so that it is easy to follow the First In, First Out method. This is when you use the oldest product in your store room first. The method helps bar managers avoid wasting perishable items or serving product that has been sitting on the shelves for too long.

Bonus Tip: When you conduct inventory, organize your software or spreadsheets in the same order as the alcohol is stored. This way, the order is logical and easy to follow.

6) Deberías tener uno de cada cosa.

Some advice states that your bar should stock one of everything, from different types of alcohol to different brands of alcohol. However, this isn’t necessary. Instead, be sure you have plenty of alcohol to make your most popular drinks and streamline what you need to order whenever possible. This will not only cut down on costs, but also make inventory easier in the long run since you’ll have fewer individual products.

7) No es necesario un baremo de inventario de licores.

Eyeballing might be a popular method to measure how much liquor is left in a given bottle but it is not exactly accurate. And when it comes to effective liquor inventory management, accuracy is incredibly important. For complete accuracy, be sure to invest in a scale so you know exactly how much product you have on hand at any given time. In addition, many software programs offer Bluetooth scale integrations, which makes the job even easier. With integrated devices, you’ll have accurate measurements that will update automatically as you count product.

8) Los derrames son inevitables.

Typically followed by a shrug, this is common advice in the food and beverage industry. It might be impossible to completely eliminate spillage, which refers to lost product due to theft, spills, over pouring or free drinks. However, that doesn’t mean it is entirely unavoidable. In fact, consistent inventory can help identify the areas where spillage is occurring so you can take steps to cut down on mistakes, free drinks, and other causes.

9) Los precios deben ser estáticos.

The economy is always changing and so is the market for alcohol and other supplies. Your prices should reflect that. Additionally, customer tastes are always changing. Drastic price changes are not necessary, or recommended. Nevertheless, you should be evaluating your menu prices to maximize profits on a regular basis, not keeping them consistent forever.

10) Mantener un stock extra es un desperdicio.

While it is good advice to avoid dead stock, it doesn’t mean you should never have extra stock. Holidays, promotions, busy seasons, and more are all legitimate reasons to order extra stock of your most popular drinks or seasonal specials. This isn’t dead stock or a bad business practice. On the contrary, it’s a good way to avoid running out of the alcohol you need.

¿Cómo se puede saber cuándo se espera una temporada alta o qué alcohol puede ser el más popular en determinadas fiestas? La respuesta directa es un inventario coherente. En general, tener un registro de los años anteriores y una idea de cuáles son los artículos más populares es muy útil para planificar con precisión.

¿Qué es lo siguiente?

Ahora ya tiene los conocimientos necesarios para detectar los malos consejos sobre la gestión del inventario de licores y saber qué hacer en su lugar. El siguiente mejor consejo que podemos darle es que se descargue WISK. Como antiguos propietarios de bares, sabemos que nuestra aplicación ofrece la experiencia más fluida para contar el inventario.

With WISK, you won’t have to worry about mistakes, wasting time, or not having enough information. Our easy-to-use interface gives you everything you need to manage your inventory effortlessly, so you can focus on more important things. If you’d like to sign up, please click the button below or visit https://www.wisk.ai/for/wisk-bar-management-software.

Now see your ROI flourish by implementing the invaluable advice offered in this liquor inventory management guide.


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